We analyse and optimise to evolve.

Data analysis and on-going website services to ensure your website evolves with your customers and stays relevant.

Why is this important?

Analyse and Optimise

To Retain and grow customers

If you’ve just been given the keys to a brand new sports car, surely you are going to drive the heck out of it and keep it in tip-top shape so that you feel proud to show it off!? You’re not going to park it in the garage and leave it there to gather dust. Your website is your brand new sports car, you need to use it to its full potential and keep it in tip-top shape.

The process we follow

Growth Process

How we work



To ensure your website always performs at its peak, we perform monthly website maintenance. This includes updating WordPress, plugins and core theme to their latest versions, running security and speed tests and more.



We monitor and analyse your website’s analytics closely. Tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and SEMrush enable us to gather vital information about customer behaviour and intent.


Feature Add-Ons

Our analysis provides a base for new feature add-ons to be identified. This enables us to determine the scope of the new features and to develop and implement it as quickly as possible.

*The importance of on-going Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the importance of monthly on-going website maintenance. It might seem an unneccessary and simple task, but a well maintained website that performs at its peak is an extremely valuable digital asset.

Tech stacks we use

I just want to say that the Healthshare website is looking AMAZING!!! Your team have done an excellent job. So a HUGE thank you to the entire Blac & Bloo team for a job superbly done. 🥳

Deborah Cooper

Project Manager, Summit Africa

Our growth services


Website Maintenance


Google Analytics & Tag Manager


Google Data Studio


Digital Advertising campaigns


Campaign Landing Pages


Search Engine Optimisation





Case Study

Real Life Example


Healthshare is a hospital integrator and healthcare consultancy company that offers a wide array of services to support the clinical design, building, equipping, and management of healthcare facilities and services.

Industry: Healthcare

They meet clients wherever they are on their healthcare path – in every speciality – and partner with them to deliver healthcare facilities and services that creates lasting value.