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Discover the potential of your contact list by launching tailored email marketing campaigns that will captivate your contacts, stimulate purchases, and enhance the lifetime value of your customers. Request a complimentary digital marketing review to learn how our email marketing services can help you generate more sales.

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Maximise Sales with engaging Email Marketing

Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most efficient and lucrative tools in the online marketing arsenal. After acquiring the contact information of your first few customers, you have an excellent opportunity to target them for future sales. Your email list is a crucial asset for your marketing strategy, but it requires careful management and cultivation to yield fruitful results. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take advantage of their email list.

If you struggle to engage your email list and do not know how to initiate targeted email campaigns, or if your previous campaigns have been unsuccessful, you are not alone. Running effective email marketing campaigns requires time and effort, and it’s not just about instructing people to “buy this” or “read that.” You must craft emails that are personalized and speak to your contacts, write compelling subject lines to increase open rates, and plan email sequences and sales funnels that convert.

Email marketing is all about establishing a connection with your contacts and developing trust. By nurturing new contacts, you can convert their interest into action and transform them into loyal customers.

By keeping your existing customers engaged, you can persuade them to choose your products or services repeatedly, increasing your customer lifetime value.

The potential results are astounding. However, if you are not using your email list to generate sales, you are losing out.

That’s why we offer dependable, end-to-end email marketing services that optimize every aspect of your email marketing campaigns.

We can design individual emails, refine your overall email marketing strategy, streamline your sales funnel, and impress your contacts. Additionally, we continuously monitor your email marketing campaigns and analyze critical email marketing metrics, such as your open rate, conversions, and unsubscribes, to ensure your campaigns have the maximum impact.

Our ultimate goal is to help you convert your email list into a sales powerhouse.

We are committed to creating winning campaigns and compelling emails that effectively communicate with your contacts, establish brand loyalty, and increase your conversions. Let us assist you in unlocking the full potential of your email list.

Looking for a team that can help you hit your ambitious growth goals?

We get you results using tried-and-tested digital marketing that works.

Marketing campaigns are complex beasts. That’s where we come in. Our expert team creates bespoke digital marketing strategies that get leads and make sales.

We recommend the best digital marketing services to hit your growth goals. From website design and SEO to creative content campaigns and social media advertising — we have an arsenal of effective digital marketing strategies.

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Our email marketing process

At Blac & Bloo, we specialize in crafting, managing, and evaluating email marketing campaigns that yield quantifiable outcomes for your business. We ensure that your email campaigns are aligned with your brand and crafted to help you in achieving your business goals. Our email marketing strategy is tailored to meet both your short and long-term objectives.

Our team takes care of your email list by establishing meaningful connections with your contacts and guiding them through your email sales funnels, converting your subscribers into paying customers. We believe that your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your business, and we strive to help you maximise its potential.


Customised Email Marketing Plan

Our team will develop a personalised email marketing plan that defines how we will assist you in achieving your objectives through email marketing. This strategy will provide a comprehensive plan for email sequences, setting distinct objectives for different segments of your contact list.

We will also evaluate any preceding email campaigns that you have executed to understand what has been effective and what has stopped your emails from making an impact. Our objective is to gather as much information as possible, so that we can enhance our new strategy and optimise your email marketing results.


Engaging Email Design

Once your strategy is done, we will generate engaging content and captivating subject lines for your emails.

Every email we compose will be designed with a specific objective in mind, whether it is to address sales objections, promote your latest exceptional content, or drive sales.

Each email we send out will bring you closer to accomplishing your ultimate business goals.


Email Automation

We schedule your emails to send to the appropriate individuals on your mailing list at the optimal time.

We also review the format of your emails to ensure that they look excellent. We will add links to your website, images, and design elements, as well as persuasive calls to action, to make certain that your emails are engaging and effective.


Tracking Campaign Success

Our priority is to ensure that your business is receiving optimal results; therefore, we will evaluate essential email marketing metrics such as open rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribes.

Through analysing your email performance, we will measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to get started with Blac & Bloo Email Marketing

Interested in our Email Marketing services and ready to take the next step with your business’s visibility online?

The process is easy and there is no pressure.


Request Your Free Marketing Review

Start by sending us your website to review and our Digital Marketing Consultants will record a video review of your website for free.

Your review will check your website’s usability and how well optimised it is for SEO, and identify the top priority fixes required. Your review will also analyse how you use your social media channels, reputation management and paid ads.

We’ll break down all of our marketing improvements and SEO recommendations into a prioritised “to-do” list for you.


Get Your Initial Digital Marketing Plan

If the review suggests there is scope for us to work together on your marketing, we’ll offer you a consultancy call with one of the team to talk through your goals in more detail.

We’ll then send you a marketing plan, showing you how we can work together. This will include our recommended mixture of different traffic channels, and some suggested milestone targets to aim for over the next three to 12 months.

We over promise and over deliver

We are passionate about your business success and your business always comes first. We are ethical and genuinely care about every single one of our clients.

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