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Happy Father’s Day to all the Rad Dads!

5 September 2021

Happy Father’s Day to all the Rad Dads! The one day in the year where our kids (well, mine at least) stop to think about their dad for a fleeting second (because mum asked them too)… and realise he is actually pretty cool 😎

I received this amazing gift today (the book in the photo above) that I will treasure forever as my boys grow up.

My wife and boys set it all up online, ordered it and it was delivered hassle free a few days later. All done on the website of Hooray Heroes.

Just to be clear, we’re not affiliated with Hooray Heroes in any way. I just want to share the love and admiration for what they have created.

A super fun, interactive and rock-solid web and mobile experience. Fantastic User Interface and User Experience design, making the process of creating and purchasing a book exciting and fun.

Hats off to an amazing product, well done!

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Louis du Pisani

Louis du Pisani

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