Industry: Technology


Hypothesis is a new breed of consulting firm that helps leaders accelerate their digital transformation by marrying deep digital innovation and lean-agile ways of working capabilities with a relentless focus on the customer.

Hypothesis required a state-of-the-art website showcasing their strong analytical, conceptual, design and develop expertise to the highest level. A core requirement was that they wanted to fully understand their users and their behaviour.

Inception Date

Jun, 2019


4 Weeks


6 Weeks


UI + UX + Analytics

Tech Used


What we did

Challenge & Solution

Hypothesis is not just another Consulting Firm, they are unique and wanted their website to portray their human centric approach.

Their brand is built around being “More human” and we really wanted to showcase this in everything we did on the website.

We used a combination of graphic elements to show their human nature. We did an impromto photoshoot around the office with natural light and the Hypothesis team at work – no styling or posing.

We created layouts that, although pixel perfect, looked like it wasn’t 100% perfect and always grid aligned. To further enhance this we created sketch doodles that we used strategically throughout the website. We also used text highlights and underlines to emphasize the human approach.

We integrated Hotjar, Advanced Google Analytics and Hubspot to enable us to fully map user journeys and behaviour.