Industry: Accounting

Count Out Loud

Count Out Loud is a niche Accounting Firm based in Sydney, Australia. They are Creative, Film, TV and Music Industry Specialists offering cloud-based accounting solutions that help their clients grow (and save trees).

Count Out Loud required a cutting edge website that would surpass their previous website in terms of user interface and experience with a strong focus on lead generation.

Inception Date

Jan, 2019


2 Weeks


3 Weeks


UI + UX + Lead generation

Tech Used


What we did

Challenge & Solution

Count Out Loud is not your typical Accounting Firm and they wanted their website to show that they are different.

We decided to showcase the Count Out Loud personality using their inspiring team. They have a team of diverse, passionate, fun loving and incredibly competent individuals and we engaged them in a creative photoshoot that would really resonate with their audience.

We combined these creative images with illustrations and vibrant colours throughout the website that creates an exciting user interface and experience.

Lead generation is the core focus on every single page. We use subtle call to actions in strategic places to drive traffic to lead capture mechanisms and have had great success with this approach.